My Little Kingdom

A day in the life of me and my kingdom. Thoughts of a mother of four amazing little boys, a wife of an incredible husband and a woman trying not to forget about herself.

March 01, 2006


After the usual bedtime routine of snacks, teeth, family prayer, hugs and kisses, pj’s, stories and books, potty, drinks, wiggles and giggles I was finally left with one little boy out of the four awake. Beyond exhausted at this point, I had the choice of laying down in his bed with him or inviting him to lay down in mine. I knew I’d fall asleep before him so I opted for my bed.

Patiently I waited while he fiddled around down on the floor next to my bed. Trying not to get frustrated with this so very not sleepy little boy who still had all the energy in the world I patiently continued trying to get him to settle down.

When all of a sudden, he pounced into bed next to me yelling, “HURRY, the ladybugs are coming!”

‘Ladybugs!? Are they mean?’, I ask.

“Yup, they’re gonna get us!,” replies Isaac very seriously. “I’ll go get my blue light saber, that’ll get ‘em!”

Seizing the opportunity to finally get him in bed and under the covers, I join in, “NO!, Wait!, They can’t get you under the super shield blankets’.

“Oh, Yah!” as he excitedly slides under the covers pulling them up over his head.

Curious about these ladybugs I ask, ‘Sooo, what color are they?’.

“The mean ones are pink,” he replies with a deep stern voice.

‘Are there nice ones?’, I inquire.

“Yup, they’re blue” he informs me.

‘That’s good to know’ thanking him.

Some how I muster up enough strength to help fight off the ladybugs and continue hiding from them for a while. His eyes begin to grow heavy and he’s fighting to keep them open.

He sleepily pipes up, “I wanna go to granny’s, she doesn’t have monsters”.

Reassuring him, ‘Well we don’t have monsters either.’

“Yah but we have ladybugs,” he reminds me.

‘Oh, that’s right’, I smile. And we both drift off.

(Since then I have come to find out that ladybugs have very big sharp teeth, ten feet and two eyes and they’ll eat you and any bees that might be in the vicinity. They live under my bed but venture out to fly around from time to time. So keep your eyes peeled in case any wander your way. Oh and if you don’t have a blue light saber or super shield sheets, throw beans at them. That seems to repel them just the same. However, I do recommend the pretend kind.)

Stay Tuned

Due to multiple requests for more articles I will be resumming my regular posts.
I have often said that it takes me an entire year (after having a baby) to get myself back to normal, hormones, physically, mentally and so forth And I'm not just making excuses my doctor will back me up on that. I once asked him how long it took for all that to settle down and resume back to 'normal', and he said a year. Not to mention there is a lot of adjusting with a newborn, even though we've been through it before.

Having said that I will do my best at trying to get a regular post out at least monthly for now. I still have three months before I hit the year mark. I've jotted a few notes down over the past months so all is not lost. Besides with four boys I have new material daily.

At any rate, thanks for the encouragement and don't give up on me.