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April 03, 2007

A Day in the Life

March 3, 2007

Get it Right
A couple of Sundays ago the primary chorister (who happens to be our neighbor and friend) noticed that all the boys were having a hard time keeping their shoes on during singing time. She’s a fun natured gal and teased them a little about their stinky feet. When music time was over she started walking to the back of the room when she noticed Edison with both of his shoes off. She stopped and jokingly said, “Edison, not you too! I don’t want to smell your stinky feet either.” She told me Edison just gave her this scowl and then lifted his feet up in the air and said, “These are not stinky feet, these are stinky socks.”

Come again?
At lunch we were talking about healthy habits and dad proudly announced that he was up to a certain amount of pull-ups. Isaac exclaimed, “Pull-ups!? Naaaaawwwww” and then started giggling uncontrollably. I didn’t get it at first, but once I did I started giggling uncontrollably as well. Pull-ups to a three year old aren’t the same to a grown man.

Space Cadet
I was reading an article in the Time magazine about the shuttle and travel to space. Usually when I get a moment like that it’s while I’m standing in the kitchen sorting through the mail. My mom happened to call while I was skimming through the middle of the article and I answered the phone after one ring or maybe even in mid ring for that matter, it was on the kitchen counter next to me. Surprised she exclaimed, “that was fast!”. I responded with, “Oh, I was just here in space.” We got a good laugh out of that.

10 kids, 3 orange slices
Edison and Isaac were playing store the other day. They built big rigs out of sprite boxes and were shipping everything up from the pantry to the their room upstairs. They had everything lined up in an orderly fashion ready for purchase. They then brought in their toy pick up trucks and action figures. Soon they were buying up the shelves of food taking it to the room next door, they were camping. As I listened to them play I noticed they were now storing away food in case of a hurricane. My ears began to listen more intently when I heard Edison begin to tell his brother that these 3 orange slices could feed 10 kids if they needed too. “Really, if there are ten kids who need food and we don’t have anything else these 3 orange slices will feed them.” Edison has always been one for faith. I was impressed and touched as I heard him relate the biblical story of Jesus feeding the multitude with only five loaves of bread and two fish to his younger brother. Then he came around the corner enthusiastically to enlighten me of this miracle. ( He often will blurt out facts and information randomly as he remembers them. He’s always been one for learning, he likes the history/science channel and books alike. As do his brothers too, it’s always fascinating the books Everest will bring home from the school library. )

The Real Problem
Our family caught the flu and we were dropping like flies. I was upstairs wallowing in my misery when I heard the following. Edison who had just moments before manifested himself among the ill came in from playing baseball out front. Edison comments to his dad , “Dad, I don’t feel so good.” Dad replies, “Edison you were just throwing up, you’re sick, you need to be resting. I don’t want you outside playing baseball.” With out skipping a beat Edison replies, “But Dad, baseball isn’t the problem”.

X Box Fanatics
Our boys love Xbox. I’ve consented to a very select selection of games that they are allowed to play. Sports, racing and some lego star wars. At 6, 5, 3 and even 1.5 they are pros, they put me to shame for sure. On a list I had been making there was an X for some reason or another. Our three year old looks at it and says with excitement, “I get to play Xbox today, see it says so right here”, pointing to my list.
The boys had resorted to referring to the Xbox by spelling it out, ‘can we play X-b-o-x’. Thinking this was really hip until their brother came home from school and said it wasn’t any shorter to say it that way.

April Fools
April Fools day was hilarious this year. It was the first year that the boys have begun to comprehend it. First thing in the morning Cameron made some silly comment and all the boys’ spoons froze mid air as they sat around the table eating breakfast starring at him not knowing whether or not to believe him. When he exclaimed April Fools! So, the rest of the day they would run around making up stuff like, ‘It’s your birthday today!, APRIL FOOLS!’, I think my favorite one was from Isaac (3), ‘ Mom, I’m gonna help you clean up! APRIL FOOLS!’

Before You Know It
I love this stage. Hudson has been rapidly building his vocabulary daily. At first he referred to the car as ‘go’ every time we would say it’s time to go, or let’s go, he’d jump up yelling ‘me me me’ and run to the door associating go with car. Gum is yum referring to anything yummy. He called Cameron and I ‘guy’ for the longest time and now we are finally daddy and mommy. We’ve always found great entertainment in trying to get our little guys to say words bigger than life. Like octopus, ridiculous, Gatorade and so on. We all roll in laughter for hours at the adorable pronunciations. And somewhere down the road in a blink of an eye or maybe just over night he’ll start talking nonstop comprehensive sentences and carrying on lengthy conversations and we’ll stop and wonder, wow, when did that happen, where did all of those precious pronunciations go? They grow up all too fast.