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December 13, 2008

Halloween in December

Halloween in December
Yes that’s right. First, I’m late posting about our Halloween and second, if Christmas decorations can sit side by side Halloween decorations in the store then I most certainly think it acceptable for myself to write about Halloween at Christmas time.

Halloween always begins with one question. “What do you want to be for Halloween?” And I usually ask this question months in advance so that I have time to piece together costumes especially if there will be much creativity and making involved. So there I was asking my boys the question. In which they already had put much thought into. Everest immediately replied, “Indiana Jones”. Edison followed with a quick, “ a scientist”. Isaac exclaimed a “clone”(Star Wars) and Hudson concluded with, “a little character”. I chuckled inside thinking, well that won’t be difficult. But I was still a little confused. I inquired a little more and he remarked, “you know, a little character guy”. I leaned over to Everest and asked quietly what he was talking about. Everest then explained it was a Lego character. And they proceeded to show me the specific character on the front of the Indiana Jones Wii game. Sure enough there was a little character in the background. Wearing a ball cap and holding a wrench.

I began to figure out in my head how to make Hudson look like a Lego Character guy. I started saving small boxes that I could use for the Lego legs and so forth. And we started saving and gathering things to use for the other costumes as well. Hudson came into my room one afternoon and asked if he could dress up as the Character Guy. Yes, of course I told him. He darted off and soon I heard him so pleased with himself that he got all dressed up by him self with a ballcap, grey pants a button down shirt and a wrench. He danced and sang throughout the house, “I’m a little character, I’m a little character, I’m Character guy”. Yes, indeed you are a little character I smiled.

To my dismay as Halloween neared and he saw his brothers clone outfit he changed his mind and wanted to be a clone too. However, that did not deter him from dressing up as character guy for weeks to follow.

Pumpkin time came and this year we picked out the biggest pumpkin yet. It was a beauty and we had to put it in the front seat secured safely with the seat belt. Each of the boys picked out another small pumpkin so when it came time to carve them all, oh my! We set up an assembly line. Everyone drew the face they wanted and we began one at a time. First cut each top off and so on.
My little pumpkin carving knife was futile when it came to our big beauty. The blade bent in at least two places and was pretty much useless after that.

Time for the innards, I pulled out a massive fist full of pumpkin guts and seeds. Edison sickened exclaimed, “EW, if I see that stuff again, I’m gonna throw up”. It really was rather disgusting and the smell of all those pumpkins quite overpowering. My hands and lower arms were stained orange for what seemed like days. But the final products were incredibly delightful and frightening.

Halloween night we set up Cameron’s computer and speaker so that we were able to talk into the mic and it would change our voices. We blackened the front window except for a little peephole so we could see those approaching our door and talk to them. It was absolutely the most hilarious thing ever. The boys had a blast. Sitting there with their headphones on talking into the mic to the trick-o-treaters, it was the most fun.

Some other little tidbits of our Halloween include the following:
2 impromptu stories:

Written and illustrated by Everest Moll
Title: The Haunted House
Introduction: Once there was a haunted house it was very haunted. I went in.
Characters: Me, ghosts, spiders, monsters, skeletons and bats. There are others.

Chapter 1
When I was in I got scared. Then jumped out a spider. It almost landed on my face and scared me to death.
I fell!

Chapter 2
I landed on a skeleton. I got very scared.
I saw something green. It got closer and closer until I saw it was a bat. Thank goodness!

Chapter 3
I saw an eye. Not just an eye, an eyeball! It was walking towards me!
A ghost kept swirling and twirling around me! I got so scared I fainted just for five minutes.
When I woke up the ghost was gone but pumpkins were dancing around me!

Chapter 4
I went out of the haunted house and saw a whole bunch of skeletons coming out of their graves!

Chapter 5
I went in, I was trapped. A monster came bounding up to me! It grabbed hold of me and saved me from all of them. Yiipeee!

I’m Saved.

A Scary Halloween Night!
Written and Illustrated By Edison Moll
Live Narration by Edison (in the most seriously suspenseful voice ever)

Pg.1 On Halloween night I saw a haunted house. Then suddenly a ghost appeared.
Pg.2 And then I ran into the haunted house and when I got inside I saw a spider.
Pg.3 And when I walked farther into the haunted house then suddenly a bat flew down in front of me.
Pg.4 And when I walked even farther into the haunted house I saw a skeleton.
Pg. 5 And after that a monster jumped out of a closet right in front of me.
Pg. 6 Then I saw a pumpkin alive.
Pg.7 And after that I saw a live eyeball!
Pg.8 I saw a sword a spider was on it.
Pg. 9 FFeeeewww he’s on my side.
Pg. 10 I saw snakes, the spider bit them all and they died.

I did find out a lot more about witches this Halloween. These things I did not know and maybe you didn’t either.
Facts about Witches
*They are only females
*They have blue spit
*Their pupils change
*They wear gloves cause they have claws
*They don’t have toes
*They can smell a child from across the street on a pitch-black night
*They have wigs (they are bald)

Why’d the apple cross the street? To get to the other cider.

Why’d the skeleton go to the movies? He had no-body to go with him.

Post Halloween
Mom to Hudson: What are you doing?
Hudson quiet.
Mom: Are you eating your candy?
Hudson: yes
Honesty pause
Hudson: I’m eating all my candy gone.