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February 03, 2009

A Day in the Life

Grocery shopping with Hudson: we found ourselves on the cracker/cookie aisle and he asks for Oreos. Now we are really not an Oreo family however they had a cool limited addition NFL packaging that really caught his eye, the power of marketing in play. I told him I’d like us to pick something healthier. I could see the wheels turning in his head and then he quickly came back with, “If you dip them in milk like this then they are healthy”.

Isaac was saving up money to buy the Lego Batman Wii game. He was earning money by doing his chores. Hudson in anticipation to play the game too, was losing patience in how long it was taking his brother to earn the money. One afternoon Hudson came to me begging, “mama can you please go do Isaac’s chores so we can play Batman Wii?”

Cameron was complimenting the boys at the dinner table and expressing his appreciation and love for them. He made a statement about how important they each are to us. Isaac, immediately responds with, “say it again, a hundred times”.

Discussing the levels of maturity one afternoon Edison declared, “I can tell I’m getting old, I’m having trouble remembering what it’s like being a kid”.

I don’t really remember what Everest and I were talking about. I think I was trying to encourage him to do something out of his comfort zone when he innocently made the comment “yah but you’re old”. Even though it was meant in the sense of me being the experienced parent. I teased him and my eyes got big, he instantly replied with, “bold, I said bold, You are bold”.

In response to watching safari animals stealing food from people on TV one night, Hudson exclaimed, “Dude, that’s just not nice.”

The first sounds of Christmas as Cameron and I lay in our bed listening to the wrestling of blankets and jingles of the boys discovering their stockings lying next to them on their pillows. We hear Edison exclaim “Holy Moley!” from out of the predawn darkness.

Sloshing through an ankle deep ice-y parking lot Hudson clinging to my side seeking shelter from the frigid bone chilling wind Hudson remarks in all seriousness, “we should be in Florida already”.

Isaac wanting to be excused from the dinner table while patting his tummy, “my tank is full”.

Taking the boys out to a burger joint called Five Guys Burgers and Fries one evening, the name quickly transformed to Five Guys Boogers and Flies on the way there. Our youngest grew worrisome and adamantly exclaimed he was not going to eat there. I had to reassure him it was called Burgers and Fries and we were not going to eat boogers and flies. Upon realizing his brothers’ joke he was all over the boogers and flies chant.

From the other room I hear Hudson struggling with something. I hear him muttering something about his fingers. Just as I’m about to inquire he comes to me holding his hand. I ask him what happened thinking he pinched them in a door or something. Uncovering his hand there is a gold ring on his pointer. He found a gold washer in his brothers’ room. It was not going to budge from his chubby little three-year old finger. I scooped him up. Went straight to the kitchen. Set him on the counter with his hand over the sink. Poured extra virgin olive oil on his finger. Lubricated it real good. Spun it off. Good as gold. Gotta love EVOO.


Blogger nikki said...

I love hearing your stories! glad to see you back blogging

6:03 PM  
Blogger PsychDoctor said...

you have a good memory...I always mean to blog the cute things the kids say, but forget by the time I blog...

11:15 PM  

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