My Little Kingdom

A day in the life of me and my kingdom. Thoughts of a mother of four amazing little boys, a wife of an incredible husband and a woman trying not to forget about herself.

October 25, 2008

A Day in the Life

(Everest 8, Edison 7, Isaac 5, Hudson 3)

I was reading some nature facts with the boys that were rather puzzling to my three year old.
Mom: …wolves prey on…
Hudson (interrupting): How do wolves pray?

Hudson has figured out that if he’s sick he doesn’t have to do things or that he gets special privileges.
So whenever he doesn’t want to participate or do something he says with a forlorn look, “ I can’t cause I’m sick”.
Or when he wants something like a popcicle or to eat down stairs in the armchair again with a sad little expression, “I’m sick so I can”

Edison attempted to use the restroom down stairs until he noticed an ant. Making his way upstairs he went into the master bath and again attempted until he saw a spider. In a huff he then went into the boys bathroom and on the third attempt exclaimed, “ I’m only using my bathroom, it doesn’t have any wild animals!”.

Edison does not like Mondays at school due to Monday Miles and will do anything to avoid going if possible. Sunday afternoon, he casually asked, ”Is it time to go to the dentist again?”. “You can call them and we can go tomorrow if you like, we’d have to miss school all day, it’ll takes a long time.” Then whispers, “I don’t really wanna go to school anyways.”

At the doctor’s office Hudson notices a water dispenser in the waiting room. He studies it for a minute looking intently at the blue and red valves and then asks, “Which one is the milk?”

Trying out something new we've asked that no one be excused from the table until mom is done eating. Tonight Isaac leaned over and whispered, “Can you please be done?”.

As we’re driving along Edison spots a dog and declares, “Look guys a Chihuahua!”. Isaac exclaims, “A what what?”.

Taking out the trash I was greeted with an unusually foul stench, I commented that there must be some rotten meat in there. Hudson yells out, “yah or COW POO!”

More favorite words to add to my list:
Mousemints = announcements
Smarsh smallows

Random Quote
“Before I was married I had six theories on raising children, now I have six children and no theories” John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

Quote of the day: This one given to me by a complete stranger while waiting in line with all four boys,
“Are you going to have any more? Oh just one, you do such a great job.”

Jokes from the Moll household
Everest: Why’d the spider get on the computer? He was looking for a new web page.

Safety Tip of the Day:
Everest: Never run on ice! Why? Your head will fall off!
(Everyone in Everest’s class was asked to make a poster of a safety tip complete with illustration. His included play by play sequence of a stick man slipping/flipping upside down (now headless) with the caption "thump" and a bowling ball for a head shooting into the air.)