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July 28, 2009

Molls on a Mission

A last minute trip to the store arose the other morning. I knew this was the last place my little troop would want to spend a gorgeous summer morning like this. It certainly wasn’t what I had in mind either. However, creative inspiration struck and I was minus a couple of supplies to carry it out plus running short on milk. I know from experience that the later it gets in the day the harder it is to get them in the car. Not to mention I wanted as much time as I could get to unleash my creativity.

“Where are we going, what are we getting, why do we have to”, sang the chorus. “We’re on a secret mission” I informed them. That got their attention. The questions then shifted to curiosity with me replying with “I’ll tell you when we’re all in the car”. That was my elbow grease for getting them in with minimal hassle. Not being able to keep them at bay any longer I announce, “Silly faces, we’re looking for silly faces”. Bewildered this only brought on more curious questions. With fingers crossed I pulled up to the nearest dollar store and in we marched. With a personal sigh of relief, thank goodness they had silly faces. I had been banking on it. If they hadn't have had what I was looking for I would’ve really needed a creative streak to come up with a back up plan. The boys went bonkers picking out which pair of thick black glasses and big noses with mustaches they wanted.

Now masked with humor we were ready to tackle my errands. This was just the distraction we needed to get us through a few unplanned errands that had pulled us away from summer play. We giggled and snickered our way through the grocery and art stores trying to act as normal as possible. Not only did we liven up our own errands but we cheered up a few long faces and left a wake of chuckles in our path. I’m just really grateful that no one mistook us for holding up any of the joints.

I'm pleased to report that our mission was a success and then some. Please be aware this memo will self destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2...


Blogger nikki said...

You are Awesome! love the picture

8:19 PM  
Blogger Secret Agent L said...

what a wonderful idea! looks like you all had some serious fun! and, well, you know i love secret missions...

Secret Agent L

7:35 AM  

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