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A day in the life of me and my kingdom. Thoughts of a mother of four amazing little boys, a wife of an incredible husband and a woman trying not to forget about herself.

December 29, 2006

A Day in the Life

Too Much of a Good Thing
The boys are always asking what different foods help your body do. So when Hudson was indulging himself with cranberries Edison piped up ‘you shouldn’t give him anymore cranberries, he could run really fast into the street.’

On the Spot
Passing the time while gassing up. Dad says, “watch this.” Cool and confident as he attempts to throw a bag of garbage from the drivers seat through the window into the bin. He missed. Everest says cool and confident, ‘you didn’t make that? I could’ve made that.”

Sure Thing
Grandma looking for boys who needed snacks asked Edison, “Are you hungry?” Edison replies with an affirmative nod. Grandma probes a little deeper in search of something more concrete, “would you like a sandwich?”. Edison gives a shake of his head to decline. “What would you like?”, asks Grandma. ‘Uh…probably bread’, he answers. “Bread?, with nothing on it?”, she inquires. “Yep” with conviction comes his response. “OK”, grandma concludes as she turns to fulfill his appetite’s desire. As she walks to the kitchen Edison calls out, “and take the skins off”.

Boys’ Play
The boys were excited to end the cross country trek and immediately headed for the back yard of their grandparents home. Within seconds they had located the wagon and a giant cardboard box and were headed for the hill. Now you think rolling down the hill in the wagon at lightning speed would be thrill enough. Not, for these boys. They jumped in the wagon threw the cardboard box that covered them and the wagon on top of themselves and proceeded with a big shove off the top of the hill. Not knowing what to expect or where they were headed the shrill shrieks of pure boy glee sounded through the air as they whizzed down the hill at speeds beyond comprehension. Now that was the ride of a lifetime and with out hesitation a way they went back up the hill for more.

Where next?
You know you’ve been in transition long enough when your three year old now refers to finding a home as this: we sat down with some ‘homes for sale’ magazines and some MLS listings. The boys love looking through them and picking out which one they’d like. Our three year old points to one he is enthralled with and exclaims, ‘I wanna borrow this one!’. And when your children now play hotel and travel all the time, you know you’ve been on the road long enough. It’s time to plant the roots in somewhere.

Pasta Anyone?
We went out to the Olive Garden one night and Isaac ordered spaghetti. He was comically slurping the long sticky strands up one by one as they flung from one side to the other slapping his cheeks. I presented him with the idea of twisting his fork making a spaghetti ball to try and tackle the beastly meal. Seconds later he proudly exclaimed, “Look, I did it!”. With astonishment he had managed to twist the entire bowl of spaghetti onto his fork for one gigantic, make that enormously huge ball of spaghetti. Unfortunately, I don’t think that made it any easier for him to eat. But, it was rather impressive.

Keeping ‘em All Straight
Approaching our home in FL Isaac thinking we had past ours and asks, “how come we’re not going to the ‘three and the four and the one and the three’?” It took me a minute but I quickly realized that was our house number. He had become very aware of numbers and with all the moving had started associating them with our current home or hotel room depending the leg of our adventure.

Come Again
After driving for days on end the endless white lines on asphalt can really get to you. While driving along Route 66 Isaac asked me a very inquisitive “Why mom, why?”. I turned with the answer ready to roll of the tip of my tongue. Only to have been broadsided with the unexpected, I burst into boisterous laughter. There he sat with the most genuinely puzzled face, for he really wanted to know why, with a green crayon hanging out of his nose. Needless to say I don’t remember the question.

Brilliance on His Own
Edison hadn’t been interested in practicing or learning letters and numbers. I decided not to push, we were already under a lot stress with the moving. When out of no where he handed me a piece of paper and proudly exclaimed, “Look it says bugspray!”. I read the word OFF. He was right, he had remembered the can of OFF we took to the park with us the night before. A month or so later in downtown SLC we were walking to a restaurant when he again exclaimed, “that’s the credit card place!” On top of a tall high rise building in bright bold letters it read CHASE. He had remembered it from the commercials.

Tell It Like It Is
In the battle of what to do’s a frustrated cousin remarked, ‘Well I’m not going to play with you ever again then’. The reply, ‘It’s ok, you always change your mind anyways’.


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