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May 30, 2006

The Silent Friend

This move has been anything but easy. After five plus years we have finally perfected our home and well, it’s perfect. However, It is much deeper than that. It wasn’t until we actually signed papers that other things began to reveal themselves to us. Causing us to rethink ourselves. Is this truly the right thing for us, is this really the right time. It is truly bitter sweet, as we have so much awaiting us as well as so much right here. While taking down walls and wrapping what seems to be our very selves in bubble wrap I am immersed in deep thought and feeling. As I pack ourselves into towers of cardboard they begin to grow into soaring skyscrapers. I wind my way through the lofty columns that now make up our cardboard fortress that is our home looking for misplaced packing tape and binkies, my mind begins to meander on it’s own down familiar paths.

My heart swells as I take in the beauty that my eyes behold. I have been blessed by an abundance of young mothers and their families while living in this little neighborhood. At times I have had the great desire to entertain and to socialize longing for those deep friendships yet I have always had a more earnest business to be about, that of my family and raising four boys. In which I place above all else as the most precious and sacred of all my charges and relationships. Though I could not help but feel a little sorrow for those missed opportunities and friendships when suddenly my heart then turned a corner, my eyes opening to realize that those friendships were not missed nor lost. Yet instead as I have served them, as we have served along side each other and as they have come to serve me in my time of need our friendships flourished. I realized and can see now that a friend doesn’t always have to be someone you go to lunch with, shopping with on a girls night out or someone to chat with on the phone for hours. A friend is someone you connect with. Someone you can relate to even though through varied differences and lives. I have grown to love and admire each of these amazing women as I have watched them about their own business and as I have witnessed the beauty of each of them. They each have been a gift touching my life and a source of strength.

I am reminded of the majestic red woods of California, how they grow so tall reaching into the heavens as though they are returning from whence they came. And as they do this, underneath the earth, unseen, quietly their roots twisting and tying themselves together for strength and support. Interconnected forever in their journey. I am truly and forever grateful for the influence and the powerful impact they each have had on me in their own way. Even if but nothing more than a simple smile of mutual understanding.

Here’s to all the silent friends that walks the paths that I too walk. Here’s to the beauty that they radiate in their families and their surroundings. Much like that of the sun. As it’s rays reach forth, all things in it’s path are kissed with the heavenly honey glow of it’s warmth and light. I will carry their light with me as I venture on and I will be better off because of them. Holding a treasured place in my heart for their kindness and friendship.

Here’s to the silent friend that walks the paths that I too walk.


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