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October 14, 2006


As Isaac exclaims every morning: “It’s wake up time!” Not doubt about that, it was Saturday! No work for dad, time to go have fun at the beach with the whole family. We jumped out of bed, threw our swimsuits on, threw the cooler in the back of the suv and grabbed our towels and boogie boards. We were off to the beach in the midst of another gorgeous FL morning. It felt like Christmas there was so much excitement in the air. As we scurried around hopping over and around each other to get in the suv you couldn’t help but to slow down and take in all the senses. They’re just too heavenly. The sky was a soft clear blue with a bigger than life ball of sunshine creeping through and up over the tree’d horizon. Surrounded with lush greenery, an endless assortment of vibrant and fragrant flowers and an abundance of wildlife. We were greeted with the melodious songs of various birds. The local frogs and lizards awaited us on our doorstep as usual and as we left the drive way we were ushered out by a peregrine falcon. As we turned the corner there over the big lake was the morning sun in all it’s glory. It’s brilliant light glistened and sparkled across the calm mirror like water. A lovely variation of water fowl were out for their morning breakfast along with an alligator or two who gracefully glided across the calm surface of water. It’s all you can do to take in a deep breath of life, as it is all around you in abundance.

Though the drive to our favorite beach is a little further than liked it is still soothing to take in all of the scenery and wildlife. Not to mention stroll down memory lane as these parts are my old stomping grounds. I have such fond memories of fishing, hiking, canoeing and enjoying Florida’s beauty and wildlife to it’s fullest. What’s even better than taking that stroll down memory lane is seeing my boys enjoy and love it as much as I do. It brings a smile to my heart to share a little bit of me with them.

This morning we had a mission. All trips to the beach are like Christmas morning to us, however, this one was even bigger. Yes, bigger. Cameron found boogie boards on clearance!!!! The boys had been playing with them in the pool for two days now and were itching to get to the beach. So today was the big day. Upon arriving at the beach we hoisted the boards out of the back and darted to the surf. As the boys raced up the board walk without slowing down or missing a beat they noticed and pointed out the beautiful canopy of sea grapes. Then as we walked out from under the shaded canopy a boisterous thunder arose all around as their eyes beheld the beach before them. There were cheers of excitement as they ran across the white powder, boogie boards under arm and in tow. Hair blowing in the wind, faces a glow with the morning sunlight, twinkles in their eyes and a look of determination as they were about to master the wave and tame the ocean.

Oh what joy and sheer satisfaction, for all of us all around. It doesn’t get much better than this. Even on lookers stopped to smile and steal a moment of their youthful pleasure. Some even telling me a story or two of ‘back in their day’ as memories of their own were conjured up. They spent the entire morning mastering their boards and learning the ways of the waves. They even shared the fun with their baby brother. As they showed him how to lie on the board while they pulled him across the shoreline. He was just as thrilled as his brothers to ride the waves. I’d pull them along and race them through the waves taking sharp turns while they hung on shrieking with glee until my legs were as jelly. They couldn’t get enough of it, just like their mom. I never could get enough of the beach, never will. In fact my mom has stated more than once, ‘You can take the girl out of the salt water, but you can’t take the salt water out of the girl’. The beach will always be apart of our family, Florida will always be in our lives. There is something special about it, it arouses the senses and awakens the soul.

And that was our most heavenly morning.


Blogger Leonardo Melendez said...

Beautiful composition. I almost felt like I was there.

It's clear now why you guys moved to Florida; I should have known that there was something more to it;)

11:15 PM  
Anonymous tobto said...

Your children and family are beautifull!

4:40 AM  

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