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June 29, 2006

Westward Ho

Oh, wait make that east. Our trek across mid-America wasn’t all that bad. I had had visions of endless brown fields as flat as the eye could see and then some. And while that was mostly true for a good portion of Kansas and Oklahoma, Colorado as far as we could tell had some mountainous scenery. However we drove through it in the dark. That’s not to say that the golden seas of grain aren’t beautiful as the sun is setting upon them, it just gets monotonous hour after hour. The blades of grass begin to look alike after awhile. Being that we were in somewhat of a hurry we didn’t dare venture off the beaten path too view the three-headed snake, the five-legged bull or even the world’s largest prairie dog. That’s what we get for taking Route 66. However, whatever the scenery lacked in visual stimulation the boys more than made up for in the form of entertainment. The boys were so good through the entire trip and provided more than enough comic relief. Of which I tried my hardest to write down every spontaneous outburst. Some of my fondest memories are as follows.

Moving Day.
The boys had spent the previous day and night at their grandparents as to not stress them or us out during our final moments of packing and prepping. The morning of the big moving day they all came back to our home one last time as we did a few last minute things. Isaac burst through the laundry door and stopped dead in his tracks to find the washer and dryer missing. As he scanned the barren room he exclaimed, “Holy Cow!, How’d you do that?” Then he proceeded to run through the entire house and around every corner and through every door as he was faced with what used to be familiar and home and was now barren waste land I could hear him exclaim, “Holy Cow!, How’d you do that?” (way cute and heart breaking at the same time)

Jingles all the Way
Isaac sang for, well, the entire trip. He hummed away and made up jingles from his heart to whatever caught his eye. A few lyrics went something like this…
’all the way up the mountain, that’s where we went today, lotsa rocks, rocks, rocks, Little ones and big ones…
‘Homie, Homie Home, I’m going to my new homie today, gonna pick which one I want, chicka chicka hmmm hmmm hmmmm…
‘I’m on the road, roady road, We’re on the road, roady road…
He’d sing about everything from scenery, noises the car made, the weather, feelings, even not being the baby in the family any more.

Dance Fever
We tried to liven things up by trying the local hotspots for food rather than the usual fast food joints. Which meant we spent a lot of time in little diners and cafes. The previous night in the hotel we watched part of the dance version of American Idol. The boys felt the groove and danced the night away with a mix of ballroom and break dancing. Apparently they were still feeling the groove the next day when we stopped for some grub along the way. We entered a little diner that was boasting some old school B-boppin’ tunes. We sat down to order and Edison and Isaac jumped out of their seats and began twistin’ and shoutin’. Well not shouting but they were gettin’ down. There were a few other stragglers in the diner that were captivated with these two little boys and their fancy foot work, which received a boisterous round of applause at the end of their show.

To Reserve or Not to Reserve
Isaac had a huge bubble of energy burst and he was just full of himself. I commented, ‘Isaac you have lots of energy’. Everest chimed in, “I do too. But, I’m saving it.” ‘For the hotel tonight’, I asked. Everest responds proudly, “Yup”.

Nice Try Mom
We were in the middle of Kansas and the boys were getting a little restless. We were stopped at a gas station and had let the boys get unbuckled. They were bouncing around and being silly. After looking at wheat fields all day I began to give them this educational sermon. ‘Do you know where we are? We’re in Kansas! Do you know what they grow here? Wheat! Do you know what they make out of wheat? Bread, cereal….’ Isaac grabs the back of my seat and pops his head up and says as seriously as he could through a great big grin, “Is that funny?” And then after a brief moment of silence a roaring rumble of giggles comes rolling from the rear of the car.

Road Rage
Ok, so there were just a couple of minor moments of tension on the road. At one point in my are we there yet mode I became a little edgy. I don’t even remember what happened; however I do remember it was my fault. Being tired and all I snapped at Everest without reason. And he sat far in the back feelings trampled and heartbroken. I sat far in the front feeling like the biggest and lousiest lowlife that ever lived. He wouldn’t talk to me let alone look at me. So I took out a piece of paper and wrote ‘I’m sorry, I love you’ on it. He passed it back up with the words, ‘I do too’ written underneath. This began a long series of uplifting notes that improved our morale and saved the day.

Fishin’ Fun
We tried to pack light but were still packed in pretty tight. Hudson loves the game of throwing his binky. So when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found. I brought about eight binkies that I had stashed in the console of the car. We still seemed to always be scrambling to find one when he had had enough of being confined in his car seat. So Cameron engineered the most ingenious piece of ingenuity I’ve ever seen. He tied a binky to a strap on the car seat. So every time we were in need of a binky, we’d go fishing. And sure enough every time we’d pull that rope up there was a binky on the end of it.

Rest Stop
We made yet another pit stop to get some gas and I made the rounds asking if anyone needed to go to the restroom. When I asked Edison he said, “No, I wanna wait”.
‘Are you sure you don’t want to try?’ I plead.
Edison quite sure, “ No, I wanna wait to go in the bushes.”
‘There won’t be any bushes for a while, do you wanna just try?’, I persuade.
“No, I’ll wait for a bush!” he insisted. (He being our little outdoorsman.)

Manmade Marvel
Edison’s eyes widened as his jaw dropped, “Whoa, momma, I have hair on my legs! And when I’m a daddy I’ll have lots and lots of hair.”

Needless to say the trip overall was rather enjoyable. We splurged one night and stayed a fancier hotel and slept in and enjoyed the pool and luxury pillowtop mattresses. We bonded under pressure, inspired one anothers' creativity and expanded our minds especially our imaginations.

Cameron and I took a speed demon cross country road trip with some friends shortly after we met. Upon our return home Cameron and I were the only ones on speaking terms and well, we're still talking. I always said if we could survive that we could survive anything. There's nothing like a road trip to bring ya closer or to break you up. I'm pleased to announce the Moll troop is closer than ever and continues to grow that way.


Anonymous Seth N. said...

A great trip report. We just finished our annual trek to Wyoming and Utah with a similiar crew, and experienced many of the same feelings of bonding and adventure, as well as a few stressful whiny moments. In the end it all turned out amazingly relaxing and a great family memory. Thanks for the read.

5:03 PM  

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