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May 30, 2006

Proud MaMa

(May 19th, 2006 Everest’s Kindergarten graduation)
Kindergarten Graduation, an experience like no other. I pulled up into the parking lot early so that we would be able to get front row seats. As I began helping boys out of the car, they began to fuss and whine about who going to sit in the stroller. We only have a double stroller at the moment, so one seat was Hudson’s and the other was in high demand. However no one was going to budge and no matter what options I provided no one was happy. So I loaded the stroller back into the back of the car and began to lug baby brother along with all the gear into the gymnasium with the other two wailing behind me. Time rapidly slipping away. Finally everyone was calm, not very happy but calm.

Everest and the kindergarten class began to shuffle into their places. Everest taking head count to see who had made it. While his Granny and great Grandma joined us with the newest little cousin. All were there for his big day. A pleased look came over him and the program was commenced. Each class had a little song or poem to recite. He did not look so thrilled to be up there when it was his class’s turn. For my boys are manly men and this was anything but manly. And when the entire kindergarten class did a little song and dance number he looked oh so painfully miserable. I could just imagine what was going through his mind. ‘do I really have to do this, why do I have to be up here, this is sooo ridiculous…’ I felt for the little guy and yet he stuck it out with excruciating effort while slowly sliding behind the girl next to him. Possibly hoping to disappear. When it was over and he was finally able to sit down, I chuckled as I had never seen him so happy to actually sit. Now if they had given him a football or a bat, now then there would’ve been a real performance.

Meanwhile Hudson is tired and getting crankier by the moment. Edison and Isaac won’t leave my side and are begging me to hold them. How I don’t know, they most have noticed a few extra arms that I was unaware of. And I was trying to take pictures on top of it all. As well as sweet little miss Ella (our new cousin) who was now getting her two cents in as well. So we are all running in and out and up and down and putting on our own show to say the least. I gave up apologizing for the interruptions. Finally a little peace but at the expense of my mother-in-law who was out in the hall with them.

Afterwards we all let out a huge sigh of relief and headed back to the parking lot. Making our way home.
We then sat in the living room chatting. Everest was excited to show his dad his classroom crayons that his teacher gave to them to take home. He proudly pointed out his name written in permanent ink on the box. A moment later he snuggled up tight next to my side and whispered he needed a marker. I told him where their washable markers were and he again drew near to my ear insisting while he whispered “no, a big black one”. I looked at him and seeing sincerity in his eyes and even though I knew he meant my permanent marker, my mother’s intuition told me it was ok. So I told him where it was and he quietly retrieved it and disappeared upstairs. Moments later he came to the bottom of the stairs and motioned for Edison to come over. The two of them disappeared up the stairs. Realizing they were armed with a permanent marker I still felt that mother’s intuition that all was well. So I left them, not saying anything, though increasing in curiousity. Another moment went by when Edison came down the stairs beaming holding the little box of crayons. He held them out with a huge grin as if someone just gave him the world and said, “Look, Everest gave me his crayons!”. I looked down and what I saw brought a lump to my throat. Everest had crossed out his name with the permanent marker and wrote his brother’s name in his place. Oh, I love my boys, I’m so proud of them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just so sweet. : ) Congrats on raising such a genuine, generous little guy. We had my son's birthday today and days like this when there are presents showered all around him I wonder if he knows what it means to be truly grateful. It was refreshing to see such a story of the heart. Thanks!

9:09 PM  
Anonymous Rocketeer said...

all cuteness aside .. you should really consider writing a book! Cameron & yourself really have a knack for writing!

4:30 AM  

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