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September 09, 2006

The Force Was Here

It was that time of day again. The shadows were beginning to creep up onto the back patio while the sun’s rays were turning more golden giving everything within it’s touch a sun kissed honey hew. There was that late afternoon heavy feeling in the air. The one that seduces you into stretching out on your back and lulls you into a peaceful evening slumber. Just as I had that very notion a wild herd of boys with super capes and light sabers came running past me. With tummies growling and in search of food they quickly swarmed around me along with their buzzing. Ah, yes, it was that time of day as well, dinnertime.

So into the kitchen I ventured after having been entrusted with a super secret mission while they continued on in their own quest as Super Jedi Knights. Finally after great care and thought I threw something together. However, I was unaware of the evil plot against me as I was intently focused on trying to keep the delicate balance of keeping dinner warm and fresh while setting the table out on the back lanai and finishing up the last minute touches I was suddenly surrounded by not one, not two, but THREE Jedi Knights! They had come to not only inform me but to rescue me from the evil emperor. Who was apparently on to my plan and I was in great need of their protection. With no further ado they whisked away the highly top secret maps (napkins and place mats) from within the clutch of my hands and transported them to the new space station. In a moments notice they returned only to now take turns guarding me from the evil emperor and his robots. While some of them carried the newly created super secret most powerful defense weapons (eating utensils) and safely secured them at our new location along with the highly explosive flying discs (plates). But, not before giving me a demonstration as to how they work and a tutorial of their capabilities. Now the ever vital energy sources (dinner itself) had to be carefully transported as not to disrupt the delicate motion of energy. After all without our energy sources all would be lost. After defeating a few bad guys who attempted to thwart our plans they then proceeded with their mission and the energy sources were placed very methodically and carefully using only the force of the Jedi. Oh, and we can’t forget our highly flammable and precious fuel (drink of course) for our space rockets. I was so impressed with their ability to give and take commands as they cooperated and worked so well under the intense pressure that was upon us. I must say it was a real adventure and an honor as well as quite a relief to have these three brave Jedi Knights at my side. For what would I have ever done with the evil emperor in my pursuit? I’ll be forever grateful for the force and for their heroic actions. Because of them we were able to safely and peacefully partake of the energy sources in our new high tech space ship.


Blogger Ryan Chapman said...

I have to say that, as the father of five and one of nine boys in my family, you're a really good writer! Your descriptions are so graphic, that I could totally see them. I hope, for your boys' sakes, that you enlist the design skills of your husband to publish your literary masterpieces for future enjoyment!...thanks for sharing.
(I'm a benefactor of your husband's graphical generosity and stumbled on to your blog from his site.)

11:23 PM  

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