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May 10, 2006

A Day in the Life

(formerly known as the Sunday Comic series)

Tummy Teasers (Everest 5yrs old)
I recently bought a t-shirt with a Reese’s peanut butter cup logo on the front of it. While getting everyone ready for bed and herding them in the direction they needed to be in Everest popped out of his room. At first I was ready to march him right back in but before I could say or do anything he confronted me with hands on his waist saying, “Every time you come by with that Reese’s shirt you make me hungry.” I stopped in my tracks, we laughed and I gave him a big hug and kiss.

All in a Day’s Play
(Isaac 2yrs old)
Spring brings the wackiest weather of all, sunshine and blooms one day and a fierce blizzard the next. On one of the warmer more promising days the boys made sure they made the most of it. They played hard all afternoon. It was so good to see them all outside having so much fun together. Hesitating to put an end to the fun I reluctantly called them in for dinner. Isaac came in and plopped down in his chair laying his arms across the table and then resting his forehead on them with a thud. He let out a long sigh and said with a very exhausted voice gasping to catch his breath, “My head hearts, I did too much running, too much jumping and too much sliding.”

Just One… (Edison 4yrs old)
Whenever I make cookies I go all out, out of necessity. Edison and Cameron will only eat the chocolate chip ones and Everest will only eat the peanut butter ones. So I make a batch of both and freeze a couple baggies of each for later in the week. Edison absolutely loves them, he could devour the entire batch all by himself. One afternoon Cameron came down to raid the freezer looking for the stowaways. Upon finding that their weren’t any reserves he inquired of us, “Who ate all the cookies?”. Puzzled, I was sure there were still some in the freezer. Edison pipes up innocently, “I ate just one…(hesitating)….bag”. Cameron and I laughed, not being surprised at all.

We decided to take a break from the television. I told the boys that if they go one week without t.v. we’d have an ice cream party. And if we could go another week without t.v. I’d take them to the bookstore and they could pick out any book they wanted. Eagerly they agreed. To my surprise they had no trouble at all. Never once did they whine or complain. In fact it was more painful on me than it was on them. Needless to say they received their rewards triumphantly. Since then we’ve let them watch sparingly and after one little episode of t.v. watching Edison comes to me while rubbing his head, “Mom, my brain is mushy.”

Through the Eyes of a Child
Fire works look like green raindrops

Gotcha covered?
I needed to run upstairs really quick and asked Everest to keep an eye on Hudson for just a minute. Edison piped up “who’s gonna keep an eye on me?” uuuh Good point.

A Positive Note
At bedtime I make the rounds tucking in each boy. As I stroke their hair I whisper positive thoughts to them. I thank them for things they did that day such as their jobs, or helping their brother or just making me smile. I’ll tell them how proud I am of them, how much they are loved, or talk about all of their many talents. This one particular night I whispered to Isaac that he is such a good helper and always so happy. I whispered, “You are going to help lots of people through out your life”. Sleepily with his eyes shutting he asked, “where are the people?”. “All over the world”, I whispered. As he drifted off he instructed me, “then we’ll need to go pick them up.”

Food For Thought
Isaac loves pasta. For dinner one night I piled it high onto his plate and he dove in. He was lost in his pasta while the rest of us were immersed in the noise and chaos. Suddenly he exclaimed, “look a jelly fish!”. He held high in the air an enormous fist full of pasta with the tentacles dangling down below.

More Food For Thought

We went out to eat the other day and Everest ordered a plate full of pancakes. When the waitress set his plate in front of him he sat puzzled. Picking up a sausage link between two fingers he held it out in front of him and asked quite frankly and with disgust, “WHAT IS THIS?”.

A Guy Thing
According to Edison, everything is handsome. We do not say pretty in our house. We are a house of men and there is nothing pretty about it, he says. Luckily I’m the only one or thing allowed to be referenced as being pretty. (i.e. rainbows are not pretty they are handsome)

Put in My Place
Isaac tromped out the front door in my big pink sparkly flip-flops. With his hand held out behind him in a stopping gesture he called out, “you stay inside, shut the door and make some eggs.” And then he hurried off to play with his brothers. Well ok then.


Anonymous granny said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful joys of raising your adorable boys!! I sure do love them ever so much!! Your stories always bring a smile to my face.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Rocketeer said...

Congrats, It's astounding, that you can still find time to write. I wouldn't even dare shooshing my nephews!

Thoroughly enjoying your writing!

7:24 AM  

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