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May 16, 2006

Superhero Sidekicks

The boys have been into superheroes lately. After running through the house with towels and blankets tied around their necks I finally gave them superhero capes for Valentines day. They love The Incredibles and Sky High. In fact as we pile in and out of the car they often climb behind the wheel and say buckle up were going to Sky High. If not capes then I’m rolling paper into rocket boosters and taping them on their backs or to the back of their bikes.

In the mornings Edison likes to tell me about the dreams he’s had. This one particular morning he called me in and I sat on his bed next to him. He had had a dream about superheroes this time.

Impressed with himself he said, “I fit them all into one dream!
‘All of them’ amazed I was.
He grinned and then he informed me, “the superheroes came out of my dream, mom”
‘They did?’ smiling.
Not thinking much more about it I gave him a piggyback downstairs to get some breakfast. While setting the table he exclaimed, “don’t forget the superheroes!” So I set a few extra places at the table that morning. While pretending to pour cereal for his superhero friends I asked if I had missed anyone. We wouldn’t want to send a superhero off to save the world on an empty stomach, now would we?

That morning he was taking a bath alone and I asked him if he was bored because his brothers weren’t with him. He replied, “ I’m not lonely, the superheroes are taking a bath too and they all fit!” ‘Well tell them not to splash water out of the tub, ok?’

Later as we were piling into the car to go pick Everest up from school he again exclaimed with much urgency, “don’t forget to buckle the superheroes!”. So again I catered to his superhero sidekicks and we managed to buckle everyone in.

My boys have never been much for imaginary friends so I got kind of a kick out of indulging him for a day. And that’s how long it lasted. So far we’ve only been visited by giant ladybugs and superheroes.


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