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April 24, 2006

The Power of Reassurance

A couple of weeks ago one Sunday evening the boys were a bit rambunctious, a little more so than usual. I had just sat down with a long sigh when I heard what sounded like a stampede along with shrieks and shrills of giggling boys following. With great effort I motioned for Cameron to stay put and told him that I’d go up. Just as I stood from my oh so comfortable seat a loud ear piercing shriek echoed through the house and I quickened my pace as I now flew up the stairs. Edison had tripped and landed face first into the doorframe. He met me at the top of the stairs with his hands holding his mouth while blood trickling between his fingers along with a few bloody handprints on the wall and door behind him.

After embracing him and quickly assessing the situation we determined he’d need stitches. His top lip was spit open. So I wrapped him in a blanket and hurried out to the car. Off to the emergency room we went.

We had fallen asleep while we waited to be seen so they gave him a smaller dose of anesthesia. He was still interacting with us through out the procedure. I held his hands while they called in two strong men to help hold him down. Apparently he wasn’t ‘out’ as much as they had hoped. As the two hospital workers strained and sweated to hold him still. I held his hands and talked to him trying to comfort him. I reminded him of the green rocket he built with dad and when they launched them off and gave him other words of comfort and encouragement. He began to relax a little as I did.

I must say I hadn’t expected to get a front and center seat. It was a little surreal watching them stick a long sharp needle through my sons wide open lip and sew him back together. But duty as a mother comes first and he needed the tender touch and soothing sound of his mom. I wasn’t about to let go of him leaving him alone through this.

They finally finished and I was able to hold him in my lap. The anesthesia began to wear off and he mumbled that he was still having bad dreams. I told him everything was all over and that I wasn’t going to leave him. As I stroked his hair I asked what he dreamt about. He told me that the police were chasing him, but he was faster and got away. After a pause he said that I was in his dreams and that I was happy. I asked him if there was anything else and he said he dreamt about one green rocket and being with dad.

So my presence had made a difference. It’s amazing how powerful the soft spoken word and gentle touch is. They can turn away anger and overcome fear in an instance changing an ill mood from night to day.

A few moments passed and he looked up into my eyes with all sincerity and much concern asking, “Mom, do I have a new nose and lips?” Holding him closer I reassured him they were still his very own nose and lips. Just as handsome as always.


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