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July 25, 2005

Sail or Sell!

The day finally came to sail or sell. We inherited a small sailboat a few years back and it’s been sitting in our driveway ever since. A sin, yes indeed. So the time had come to get rid of it or use it. It being a smaller sailboat made it too dangerous to take the boys out on, so Cameron found a good deal on a motor and off we went.

The weather had been exceedingly hot. We’re talking low 100’s for weeks. A trip to the lake sounded refreshing however, the morning of the big event we awoke to major cloud cover and wind. As we loaded up we felt several drops fall from the sky. Not very promising. Nevertheless we were determined to take the boat out.

It didn’t take long to get the boat launched and filled with overzealous little boys. I stayed on shore with the baby and the dog while the others headed off to sea. While I waited back on land I let Maurie (our dog) loose to frolic in the tall grass along the shoreline. I’d swear she’s half otter. The way that dog loves water is unreal and rather entertaining.

After a few outings with the boat, the gang grew hungry. We snacked and played in the water ourselves. Cameron and I engaged in a brief conversation only a few feet away from the boys. When all of a sudden in slow motion I noticed Edison rolling over in the water. And then I yelled “he’s under water!” Cameron made a mad dash to his aid and pulled him out. It was only seconds and he was fine. But still, a mother’s nightmare. I had just been telling Cameron how becoming a parent changes things. You’re not so fearless. I worry about safety where I’ve never given it a second thought in the past. And for good reason, there’s too much at stake.

That didn’t slow anyone down. The boys kept playing and took the boat out a couple more times and then we headed home. It was a much needed Saturday. Just family and fun.

So, I guess this means we’re sailing and not selling.


Anonymous Cameron Moll said...

I say we sail again!!

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