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September 04, 2005

Sunday Comics IV

Come again?
We had been keeping Isaac from taking naps because he’d stay up til 11pm or later if he did nap. So this particular evening he couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer. He fell asleep at 5pm and didn’t wake up until 7am the next morning. After a 14 hour sleep I figured he could go through the day without a nap no problem. However he came in and grabbed his soft blanket and began to wrap himself in it and roll around on the floor. Looking suspiciously sleepy. We then engaged in the following conversation:
Mom: “Isaac, you’re not tired.”
Isaac: “yes, I am”
Mom: “NO, you’re not”
Isaac: “YES, I am”
Mom: “Isaac, YOU are NOT tired”
Isaac: “YES, I AM”
Mom: “you’re not going to sleep, do not go to sleep”
Isaac: “Yes”
Mom: “don’t go to sleep”
Isaac: “yessss”
Mom: “OK, then, go to sleep”
Isaac: “No, don’t want to”

We were surprised at Hudson’s size when he was born. None the less a healthy boy and cute to boot.
In fact the nurses nick-named him Peanut, because he was the cutest little baby in the nursery. He liked to curl up into a little ball and snuggle, still does. Our little bundle of boy was a real hit. One nurse would always sneak in the nursery to see if he was there and if he was she would scoop him up and snuggle him in the rocking chair. She said it almost made her want to have another baby. Almost.

Time for Sleep
The boys were in bed. Not willing to give into slumber just quite yet, Edison had found a toy to play with. It would make an obnoxious noise every time he would squeeze it. While this amused Edison it didn’t go over so well with his brother. After hearing enough Isaac calls out from the other room, “Be Quiet”.

Wanting to check on the boys I opened the front door. As I stepped out side I was not greeted with a very warm welcome. In fact Isaac with his brow furrowed and pointing me back inside with a low stern growl told me, “Go back inside mom, go inside…now!” A little bewildered it soon made sense when I realized he had the hose in his hand. Earlier I had told them not to turn the water on anymore. Obviously he did not want to be caught turning it on.

Grammar 101
Rather than using my or mine Isaac refers to himself and his possessions as “my Isaac’s”. For instance: “I hurt ‘my Isaac’ “ or “I want my Isaac’s blanket”.

Hall of Fame
Play of the year! The ball popped back and up over the fence, hit the metal roof behind us, rolled down and bounced through the bleachers of fans and was making it’s way to us. Cameron stood with baby in one arm, reached out over the seats in front of us and caught the stray ball single handed! What a play! Yup, that's our dad!


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