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July 30, 2005

Sunday Comics

Stairway to Heaven
After putting the boys down to bed Cameron and I noticed the beginnings of a beautiful sunset. Upon further investigation we discovered a rainbow. We hollered up the stairs for the boys to come down and look. The two oldest jumped at the invitation. While calling for Isaac he responded “no, don’t want to’. After insisting he come down to see the rainbow, he then exclaimed “OH!” and ran down too. All three boys were jumping excitedly on the front walk in their pajamas as they traced the enormous band of colors from one end to the other as it stretched across the sky. They were naming all the colors they could see and then Edison shouts out with great joy, “it goes up into heaven, now we can walk to Jesus!”

Everest was playing with his cousin Austin while at their Granny’s house one afternoon. They were trying various imaginative methods of getting the cat out from under her bed. After exhausting their creativeness they got desperate. Austin piped up, “ Let’s make a sign that says, ‘Come Out Buster’ and show it to him. That will make him come out.”
Everest ready to give anything a try at this point, “ I don’t think that will work, but we’ll try.”

Close to Home
When we decided to make the leap from Cameron’s two hour commute to work everyday to working from home I mentioned it to the boys. I started out by asking them how they would like it if daddy got a new job and didn’t have to work so far away anymore. Their bright blue eyes sparkled and Everest jumped up and shouted, “yah, he can work at Walmart!”. (Being that there is a Walmart down the street from us and Walmart is the answer to everything in their eyes.)

Enough Already
The boys and I were running errands for dad one morning. I was trying to entertain them as they were growing bored from being in the car. I busted out into a silly made up song when a very serious lsaac (2yrs old) abruptly stopped me mid rhyme. A deep low voice came bellowing from the back of the rover, “That’s enough. Mom.”


Blogger Clay Smith said...

That's so cute. I can't wait till I have kids.

12:34 AM  
Blogger jennybunny said...

Your posts make me laugh so much! Because I've been there...

6:07 PM  
Blogger JasonG said...

I'm sure I am tie dto the tracks of that train 'a comin'! My daughter is nearing her first b-day (Oct. 13th), and my wife and I already pepper her with stupid made-up's only a matter of time before we hear that serious command ("That's enough!")

7:58 AM  
Blogger unixlinux said...

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