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July 13, 2005

Sunday Comics II

The Sunday Drive
One lovely Sunday afternoon we piled the kids and the dog into the car and headed up the canyon for a drive. After a little off roadin’ on some back roads we decided to stop and let everyone stretch.

It only took seconds for them to discover a little stream that was only
about a foot wide. Everest was having a blast jumping across it and then
fell in after a limb broke. Soaking him self. At the same time Edison in a panic yells “I have to go POOH! RIGHT NOW!”, drops his drawers and goes right there. No time to look for a stump or privacy of any kind. Meanwhile Isaac is sliding down the ‘riverbank’ leaving his entire backside covered in mud. While Maurie is running wild down the middle of the stream and then rolling in the water and leaping off the steep banks. Yes, Cameron and I just laughed and laughed we felt we were watching the three stooges (4 including Maurie). Good times, good times.

The Petting Zoo
A couple of years ago upon bringing home our third child, Isaac, I sat on the couch and the oldest two piled up next to me to get a close up view of their new baby brother. Edison without hesitation reached out his hand and started gently rubbing his baby’s head. Everest immediately piped up “I wanna pet him, I wanna pet him!” Apparently the petting zoo is still open. As we recently brought our fourth son home we still ‘pet’ the baby. And are open for business.

Who’s Teaching Who

As I was putting the groceries away I figured I might as well use it as a teaching moment. Upon pulling the bacon out of the bag I informed Edison, who was ripping through bags and tossing items across the floor, that bacon comes from pigs. Edison responded instantaneously with a long drawn out “nnnoooooo, silly you”. Now looking up at me with his bright blue eyes and an ear to ear grin as he is wrapped around my leg like a cement shoe. Well, then were does it come from? “Bacon comes from Walmart!” he informs me. (DUH) I guess I’m the one who needed the lesson.

True, True

Dad: Hey, Edison will you shut the door? Or the flies will get in and then they’ll eat your hair and your nose and…
Edison: Naaawww, they like Pooh!

Latest Trends in Dialect
Swap'em: swat the the fly
Swapper: fly swatter


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