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February 18, 2005

A Wish Fulfilled (Edison's update)

Our church held a Christmas party with everything from the birth of Jesus to a personal appearance from Santa himself. The boys were excited about talking to Santa this year unlike years past. They waited patiently in line for what seemed like hours. Once reaching Santa's knee they both crawled upon his lap. Everest then asked for a Great Big Book of Everything (from the Disney cartoon Stanley) and handcuffs. Edison then very sincerely asked for blessings. Yes, blessings. Maybe he sensed what awaited just a few short days away.

While I was unable to produce the magic that the Great Big Book of Everything possesses in the Disney series I was able to locate an acceptable stand-in (D/K Animal Encyclopedia). Everest's face lit up when his Christmas wish came true.

As for Edison (though his wish was a bit out of my humble league) his came true as well. He received blessings beyond imaginable. As we just returned from Primary Children's Hospital to have the stitches removed last week. And yesterday we had the follow up exam. It went much better than expected. The injury only left a tiny scar just off centered in the pupil. Glasses are not necessary and it's not expected to effect his vision in the long run either. Nor was there any disfiguration of the shape of the eye. In fact the only thing left now is a little therapy to strengthen his eye. His vision is 20/40 in the injured eye and 20/20 in the other. So we are patching his 'good' eye daily in order for his eye to regain strength. After a week or two of this he should be home free and be able to put all of this behind him.

He is truly blessed. If this had been a ball point pen rather than a felt tip or if it had been slightly punctured in any other direction in the slightest it might have been an entirely different outcome. The angels heard his Christmas wish and watched over him that Christmas Eve.

A special thanks is in order to all of the doctors and medical staff who acted so quickly and professionally in his behalf. Especially to Doctor Martel and staff of the Martel Eye Medical Group. In which we will be forever grateful for their personal attention and interest in Edison. They truly are miracle workers. Also many thanks for all of the prayers and words of encouragement given by so many of you.


Anonymous Ray said...

Wow. That is really awesome to hear that there will be no permanent damage. You should tell him "AARRGGHH!!! You're a pirate!" with that patch over his eye.

And as for the Great Big Book of Everything, that's my favorite part of Stanley. That's one cartoon I don't mind watching with Abbi - just because of the little song. :)

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

That is truly God's hand upon Edison and your family! Thank you for all your articles, your family is an inspiration to me as a designer and as a Christian.

12:57 AM  
Blogger JasonG said...

Wow! Thanks God! Thanks for having such involvement in the Moll's lives. Especially little Edison's...

When I was a kid, my mom got met a set of animal encyclopedias. I remember there were 4 volumes, and they had green covers...are these the same ones? I sure miss those books, even now! It's kinda funny, but I used to pour through those books for hours and hours. Now whenever we go to the zoo, or see a nature show or whatever, my wife always teases me because I know the name and habits of most of the animals we see without reading the placard. I wonder why I'm a web designer and not a Zoologist? LOL.

8:57 AM  
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