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November 03, 2004

A New Addition in the Moll House

Yes, their is a new addition to our family. Saturday we adopted a dog. The boys have been begging and both Cameron and I always had dogs and pets of all kinds in our homes growing up. So it wasn't a hard sell. I've been researching and searching carefully. I decided to look through and try and adopt a dog. Maybe an older one to avoid the puppy stage of chewing and housetraining. I found a couple of really good picks but, was too late. Then I came across one that really caught my eye. I inquired and she was still adoptable and sounded very promising. I waited a few days trying to decide if now was the right time. Then I decided to go through with it. After about two weeks of exchaning emails with the shelter and talking it over with Cameron and the boys I decided to go and meet her with the intentions of bringing her home. We were able to arrange to meet half way since the shelter was two hours away. They were showing other dogs at a petsmart in a city closer to us so we met there. I still had reservations but when we arrived I saw a truck out front with her in it, the bond was already attaching us. We went inside to find the woman we were meeting and there were dogs in kennels lined up everywhere. the boys were in heaven. Isaac couldn't wait to get down as he wiggled and stretched to get to the floor. He knelt down on his hands and knees and then his belly nose to nose with the dogs through the cages. Crawling along the floor blowing kisses (pptha pptha ppptha) as he would say 'Ha-Wo, Ha-Wo' to each one. (I did ask if they were kid friendly) It was so cute and heart warming. Then I found the lady and she took us out to the truck. When she pulled her out, thd dog was a little nervous, I knew it was a done deal. She was skinny (from being on the street for a while) but so beautiful and so sweet. You could tell she was well tempered and so loving. The woman let us have some time with her and she let the boys hug her and kiss her and she nestled up to us. And so the bond was made and the weight of added responsibilty faded to the background.

She has yet to bark, whimper, growl or bay. (She is a large hound about a year old) On the way home as soon as the car started she layed down and we never heard from her. We kept asking, we did put her in didn't we? She is the sweetest, gentlest, mild mannered dog. She has had no problem with being in the house or being left alone. The first couple of days she mostly lay in a corner she felt safe in and now she is making leaps and bounds in feeling at home and being more social. She comes to us on her own now to play and be petted and today she ran and ran and played chase with the boys in the back yard. So it's exciting and wonderful for us all.

There is one problem though for some reason Everest has his heart set on naming her Maurie (and he wants a cat named Ralph). Her name is Uintah or at least that's the one she came with. So we are in negotiations or so I thought. Today I called out Uintah's name and he stopped, looked at me and said, "her name is Maurie, and I don't want to hear another word about it." Well, ok then. I wonder if he got that from me?

I would recommend to anyone. They have you and the animal's well being at heart, making the perfect match for anyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't feel wierd about re-naming your dog. I gave my wife a kitty for Valentine's Day about three years ago (and yes, we got it from Adopt-a-cat at a local Petsmart. It was an undernourished stray grey tabby that they had so creatively named "Smokey"...blah! We took him home and watched him for a few days to see what his personality was like, and then renamed him.

I bet you diamonds to dollars that "Mr. Chompers" would much rather have the name he has now than "Smokey".

(We call him "Mr. Chompers", because when he is petted he likes to gently and playfully nibble on your hand.)

- Jason

11:20 AM  
Blogger Suzanne Moll said...

Thanks for support, I don't think our son is going to give in either. So since it's so important to him and not really that big of an issue I think we'll follow your advice and re-name.

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for using the comments on this story to tell you, but the new look is great! The look is close enough to Cameron's site with the background pattern and all, but uniquely your own. Very nice.


8:20 AM  

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