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February 16, 2005

oh-boy, oh-boy, oh-boy, OH-BOY!

Yes, that's right four boys, we are expecting our fourth boy! Some aske if I'm disappointed. How on earth could I be disappointed or why for that matter? Boys don't come any better than these. True, a little girl would be welcomed. But, I'm certainly not disappointed. Besides we have a good thing going here, we're in a groove. Why interrupt the boy thing? (Plus Cameron and I are secretly obsessed with recreating our version of the Globe Trotters.)

Although we have put ourselves ina bit of a predicament. We have established a reputation of sorts when it comes to naming our children. Each child has a reputable and meaningful name that is uniquely his own. Even my OB/Gyn is on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of the official name. This being our fourth boy we are exhausting our resources and references here.

Needless to say despite the how in the world are we going to fit another car seat in w/o purchasing a minivan we are excited and eager for this little guy to join our family. My oldest has been saving items and making room for the baby for months now. He's saved fruit snacks, skittles and parts of peanut butter sandwiches. And is constantly dividing things between his brothers including the one yet to arrive. He is also planning ahead where the baby will sit at the table, in the car, kneel for family prayer... We even have a toothbrush in the bathroom for him. I can't wait to start getting the room ready for the baby, then Everest will really have fun getting ready for his brother's arrival.



Anonymous Biggest Apple said...

Congratulations to you all. From the bits I've read here and at Cameron's site it sounds like this new little feller is going to be coming home to a very loving family. Wish you all the best.

3:28 AM  
Anonymous David Barrett said...

Congratulations! Only one more and you can make your own five-a-side soccer team.

4:08 AM  
Blogger Kristian said...

Congrats! Speaking from experience, four boys is a lot of fun.

BTW- David, the 5-man sport is Basketball!

7:00 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

UNbelievable! Huge congratulations! One word: handmedowns. ;)

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...

Congrats from a relatively new subscriber. We are done with three boys although having two at once wasn't in the original plan. And if you decide to stick with four, you have a three-on-three basketball team with one reserve...

11:00 AM  
Blogger Suzanne Moll said...

yes thank goodness for handmedowns. I think the only real purchase we need to make is a carseat. although after three rough and tumble boys those handmedowns are beginning to look a little worn. As far as sports, I'll have to write up a post on that one.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Kim Siever said...

This is great news.

We are only expecting our third, and just bought a minivan last month—2002 Ford Windstar. Our '85 Suburban just wasn't cutting it anymore. :)

12:07 PM  

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