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June 03, 2008

Vacation Fun!

While on the airplane, Isaac noticed a distant factory far off on the horizon.
Isaac exclaimed, “Look guys, the cloud factory, I see the cloud factory!”

Cousin Vanessa giving the boys a 101 on how to catch lizards. They are all following her around watching her every move.
Hudson comes running up to us: I saw a lizard!
Mom: Did you catch him?
Hudson: No
Mom: Did you talk to him?
Hudson: No
Mom: Why?
Hudson: They don’t talk.
Mom: They don’t?
Hudson: No, Only de little ones talk.
Mom: Really? What do they say?
Hudson: Spanish.

On the way back from the pool I picked a gorgeous tropical yellow flower and tucked it behind my left ear. A few moments later Hudson asked with puzzled eyebrows, “Why you have flowers growing out of your ears?”

I noticed Isaac was taking a longer than usual amount of time in the bathroom, he comes out asking, “do you smell me? Do I smell nice?” He found the febreeze and was rather proud of himself.

Dad asks Edison, “Do you want mom to fish with you?”
Edison’s reply: “Super Yah!”

My sister-in-law had a dream about me. It went something like this:
Suzanne: Emily, I want to show you something. (I then lead her into an opera house and reveal my secret as I begin to belt out opera.) Little did she know it’s always truly been a secret desire of mine to be able to sing like an angel.

One afternoon we took the boys to Orlando all for Legoland. We instructed that they could pick one big thing or two small things. Isaac was having a difficult time narrowing down his choices and coming to a decision. I attempted to help him out by giving him examples and showing him what fit into the category. You can get this or you can get this and this… as I was doing this he promptly interrupted me saying, “Stop telling me all those things, it makes me want to have three.”

After Legoland we stopped at CA Pizza for lunch and ordered their carne asada pizza. We went outside to eat it. Cameron opened the pizza box and it looked and smelled scrumptious. Upon seeing the pizza
Eidson exclaims, “ew! There’s bark on it!” ( it was the moist chunks of shredded carne asada)

In the car the boys would pat their legs and chant “pat pat pat” so dad would drive faster. A Little Einsteins thing.

Grandma explains how my brother Justin looks just like his great uncle. She had pulled out a picture and was amazed how it was the spitting image of him. Then went on to say, except he(great uncle) was short and square and bald. Justin replies, “so I look like Spongebob?”

Everest: If we don't move to FL, I'm moving without you!

For days after returning home, Hudson would repeatedly ask: “When are we going to our beach house? I wanna go to our beach house.”


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