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March 14, 2008

Last One Up Is A...

It’s always a good idea to be the first one up. That’s hard to do in a house of early risers. And with four still very young boys odds are I’m up at least once every night, soothing fears, chasing away bad dreams, rubbing leg cramps or a needy back, tucking in for the umpteenth time, tending to an upset stomach or a zillion other reasons a mother is needed in the middle of the night. So those wee hours of the morning are when I finally hit my REM sleep and it’s oh so hard to get up at 5, 6 or even 7 am. I have deeply considered just staying up when I’m crawling back into bed and the clock is starring at me with a big 4 a.m. Think of the head start I’d get, think of all the things I could get done and then think of all the time I’d have during the day to get other things done, I really should just stay up. And about this time I’ve drifted back to sleep. And suddenly to my alarm it’s 7a.m. and I’m sprinting out of bed and racing through the house getting up any other late starters. Do I dare take time to jump in the shower? There’s breakfast to fix, there’s lunches to be made, school packs to be checked, boys to be dressed, combed and brushed…. Nope, my shower will have to wait, now why didn’t I get up at 4 a.m.?
By now Cameron’s been up for hours getting a jump on his day while Edison and Everest are usually up as well watching PBS cartoons. They must get a kick out of their mom tearing through the house like a mad woman on a torpedo.

This particular morning, the same happened, Hudson awoke upset from a dream and I went in to comfort him. He ended up in our bed and I stared at the clock staring back at me, 3:30a.m. I might as well just get up, I’m somewhat alert and when my alarm goes off at 6 I won’t be. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a jumpstart on my day rather than the day getting a jumpstart on me? And then I found myself drifting off in slumber while Cameron is stirring, itching to get a head start. When my alarm did go off, I fumbled around to turn it off and managed to squander away another 30 minutes of sleep when I finally yanked myself out from under the covers and into the shower. I can’t wake up without a shower, a long hot shower, a really long hot shower.

Upon emerging from the bathroom I was met head on by Edison who had been up since 5am. Which is no surprise Edison usually beats me to the day. He met me with a pleased grin of accomplishment as he held up high his creation. “Mom, look what I made. I got up at 5 and have been making them for my animals.” There in his hand was a small stuffed animal, a bunny rabbit to be precise. And on the bunny was a small white sweater. The bunny was wearing a sweater, made out of socks! He had been cutting up his socks into clothes for his dear stuffed animals.

I didn’t even flinch even though inside I was thinking “socks!!!”, I couldn’t bare to see his enthusiasm, hard work and pride shattered to pieces. I smiled with amazement and in fact I was rather very impressed with his little creations. How carefully they had each been thought through, fitted, cut and then carefully clothed on the animals. He had been very resourceful and even well eco friendly in recycling his socks. How could I be mad? I mean after all, the little bunny even had a matching beanie to keep his head warm.


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