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May 01, 2008

We're Not Coming Back

It's snowing!
Cameron put it best this morning when he said, "We can't get out of here fast enough."
We leave for Florida bright and early Saturday morning. OK, Maybe not bright, but early indeed.

Here's a few funnies til I get back. When I will undoubtedly be saturated with entertaining material from our vacation.

Edison thrives on science experiments, creating and discovering. He's been making all kinds of clever things out of household items. The other day he raided my shelves and closets and made his own 1st Aid Kit, last night as I tucked him in for bed he exclaimed, "look mom, I made my 2nd Aid Kit". On the outside he inscribed 'Edison's 2nd Aid Kit' and placed it next to his '1st Aid Kit'.

After an already busy day and an even busier evening ahead of us, I announced we would have to stop at the store on the way home. A resounding sigh echoed throughout the car, AAAHHHHH! I don't want to, do we have to....
I tried to get them excited by telling them we had to get airplane food. HUH? was the expression on their faces. "yes, we have to feed the airplane don't we?", "naw". "Sure we do, it needs energy to get us to FL." Giggles and snickers rippled through the car.

Isaac was exhausted and upset after our long day and wanted to rip up and shred all my computer paper. I nonchalantly asked him if he knew where paper came from. Trees. He stopped, 'nuh, uh.' "really" I said as I continued to try and convince him. "Yah, they cut it down, slice it up and put it through a special water chemical solution". "nuh, uh" came his reply again with a grin. "Yah, it's skinny wood", I exclaimed. He burst into an infectious roar of giggles."

See you in a couple weeks for lots of good stuff. That is if we come back to this harsh climate.


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