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April 30, 2008

The Head Trauma Continues

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the weather was finally perfect. Sun was shining as we rejoiced with exclamations of, “Let There Be Light!” the sky was blue, it’s true it was blue. Something we have not seen here in UT for a very long time. The boys spent the entire day outside in the sprinklers, riding bikes and gathering up families of rollie pollies. However, that came with owee after owee. Everest had so many band-aids on when he took them off before bed he had polka dots on his legs from the sun and dirt. He also acquired a cut in between his toes, which we hope will heal so he can wear his new flip flops in FL next week. Oh, yes FL, moving on up in our bumps and bruises, yesterday Hudson collided with the pavement and landed on his forehead, right smack on top of his last injury that required industrial strength super glue and a plastic surgeon. Ah, yes. And so the afternoon went, scratched knee after scratched knee, scrape after scrape, bonk after bonk. There was no slowing anyone down. Not on a gorgeous day such as this. We had to soak it all in and cram in as many sports, activities and adventures as possible. After all the forecast for the rest of the week is grim.

It doesn’t stop there Cameron and I decided to take advantage of the weather and took the boys up the canyon for a picnic that evening. We brought a couple balls and thought we’d hike a little too. The boys were so excited they couldn’t sit still long enough to eat. Finally they pulled us away from our sandwiches and up the mountain. They knew exactly were they were headed. We had been up this way a couple times, straight to the stream. After all it is spring and there is fresh snowmelt so the river bed actually has water in it.

We hiked and climbed and made it to the little mountain stream. We spent the next 30 minutes climbing over river rocks, over and across as we made our way up the little river exploring as we went. The water too irresistible the boys gave up climbing the rocks and gave way to wading the ice cold water. Again, accumulating scratches and scrapes all the way. Including a nice big scratch on Edison’s face from the outer corner of his eye all the way to his ear, thanks to an over hanging branch.

The big family pictures are in 5 days. We will wear our wounds proudly. As they are a symbol of our adventurous and active family and all the fun times we have together. Besides, a picture without at least one of us mangled in it would be misrepresentation. There we will be polka dot legs, scratched faces, skinned knees, banged up heads with cuts, knots and scrapes.


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