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A day in the life of me and my kingdom. Thoughts of a mother of four amazing little boys, a wife of an incredible husband and a woman trying not to forget about herself.

June 11, 2008

A Day in the Life

Everest(7) Edison(6) Isaac(4) Hudson(2)

Spooky Monday
A particularly windy day the boys come running in the house with their neighbor friends. Very seriously they exclaim “it’s Spooky Monday”. Spooky Monday? “Yah! It’s Spooky out there”. Why is that? “Cause things are moving and no body is around them. Like the swing is swinging by it’s self, look!. And the dumptruck in the back yard, moved and nobody touched it! It’s Spooky Monday alright.” And the little pack of boys ran back outside.

Lesser of Two Evils
Hudson has been picking his fingernails. At bedtime I came around to check on everyone, with his hands under the blanket he says, “I’m not picking, mom”. So I lift the blanket and tell him he’s a tease. Then I ask why don’t you find something else to do with your hands, before I could make any suggestions such as play with your hair or a stuffed doggie he immediately sticks his finger up his nose and with a little smirk says “pick my nose?!”

Isaac:“Did you know if you have bigger feet you run faster?
Yah the bigger feet you have the faster you run”
This after his brother Edison started layering on the socks, I lost track (after 20 something) of how many socks they had on each foot. The boys looked like they had casts on their feet or at least like something off of Super Mario.

Do you know how to make snow?
Water and fluff, not the fake fluff, the real fluff.

Makes Sense
Edison and Everest made signs and taped them above their beds. Edison is always looking for things to invent including ways to make money. The signs read, 1c for me to read to you. Hudson comes running in, “Where’s my money, where’s my money? I need my money!” He had just received some birthday money. I handed it to him and he darted out of the room. I was pretty sure I knew where he was going. After a moment or two I moseyed on in to their room and there they were, Hudson sitting next to Edison listening intently as his big brother read to him. I smiled and smiled even bigger when I noticed Hudson’s $3 sitting in the bowl next to them. I casually commented ‘wow, you already have three dollars’. Edison chimed up, “Yah, Hudson didn’t have any cents”. I couldn’t stop chuckling.

Off the Beaten Path
While hiking back down the mountain the boys resort to the road less traveled. As they meandered back and forth through the rugged terrain intersecting with us on the path occasionally, Isaac announced, “Look, we’re taking the ‘long cut’ “.

Words to Love
Yesternight: Remember yesternight when we stayed up late and rode our bikes?
Panpakes & Cattipitters (Hudson)

Thoughts to Think
Sand in my sheets is much more welcomed than shivering in my sheets.

Personal Challenge: Changing diapers in the midst of an alligator roll? Try putting on soccer socks over shin guards on not one but eight little wiggly legs.

I can still close my eyes and see azure skies and crystal blue water, the two meeting at the horizon becoming as one canvas of calming blue.

Cast Away(Tom Hanks): Just keep breathing, the sun will rise in the morning and you never know what the tide will bring in the morning.


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