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February 16, 2008

Spies In Our Midst

Edison: Mama when I’m 8 I’m gonna be a spy. I’m gonna really miss ya ‘cause I’m gonna be gone a lot.
Mama (smiling): OK
Edison: I’ve been wanting to be a spy my whole life. When I’m a grampa I can’t be a spy, because I’ll be too old.
Edison: Really, I’m gonna be a spy.
Mama (smiling and nodding): OK
Edison: Really, mom, I’m gonna be a spy and be gone a lot…
Mama: OK, if that’s really what you want I’ll support you.

Edison finally satisfied with my reaction walks away with his shoulders square and his head held high to tell his brothers. Edison gives his brothers the low down; Isaac especially is intrigued and decides to join his brother. After some debriefing from his older brother, Edison, Isaac then inquires of me.

Isaac: Mama when I’m eight can you sign me up for football and a spy?
Mama: Sure sweetheart.

I hear some more discussion going on about becoming spies, being gone a lot and fitting it into their busy lives. Especially with sports practices and games.

Edison commented: “I’ll sure be busy. I’ll have to go to the football game and then go home, change, get ready and go spy.”

There was lot more talk and planning going one the rest of the evening and apparently some misconceptions before bed.
As Edison came in to clarify some things and asked me, “ Mom, what do spies do?”


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