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June 16, 2004

Puddles at the Park
My sister-in-law and her little boy dropped by for a visit. We decided to take all the boys to the park down the street to break up the daily routines a little bit. So we loaded up the strollers with yes, bikes and scooters and other toys and then they wondered where they were going to sit? hhhmmm. When we finally did make it to the park I realized the sprinklers must have been broken, because they were on last night and on again this morning. Sure enough we were up to our ankles in water before even reaching the playground. The boys were in heaven. Before I could say 'Everest, please (too late) don't get your shoes wet. He was already running and stomping in the massive puddles. However he did very thoughtfully take his shirt off and hand it too me, asking me to keep it dry.

At any rate Karissa and I just sat down on a bench and let the boys be boys. They are just at that age where it's really begining to bring back memories. I love it, I love viewing life through a child's eyes and I love remembering what it was like to be a kid. Isaac (who just turned a year old last week) was right out there in the middle of them splashing and kicking and laughing. He didn't miss a beat. They ran and slid and jumped and stomped. Edison and Everest even played a little game of soccer in the marsh like bogs. I actually had a hard time restraining myself and now that I think of it don't know why I didn't just go jump and stomp and slide with them. I didn't want to break up the fun, but knew they would be getting sun burned with there bare little backs and tummies running around.

So, despite the loss of enormous amounts of water during yet another drout season the boys made sure the water was put to good use. And I did call the city about the broken sprinklers. It was fun while it lasted.

Somewhere in the Big Book of Rules to Live By I'm sure it says NEVER place bottles, sippy cups or the like in your purse. Truthfully I have not had a purse for years, at least four or so. I've just used the diaper bag, it is like a limb to me. it goes where ever I go. Obviously I have other things to worry about than fashion statements. More like I just don't want one more thing to keep track of or hang on to. However a few weeks ago I tried purchasing something and the casheir insisted I take advantage of the "buy one get one free" sale. I had what I wanted I just wanted to go. Yet, I saw the purses next to the check out and asked if it included them. Yes, well then I guess I'll take that one. So it's come in handy on those rare occasions when I do make it out on my own. I'm not juggling a wallet, a cell phone, keys.... Until one afternoon when I thought I could just slip the bottle into my purse run in the store with my kids and not have to lug a diaper bag in behind me. Think again. When we got home and I unloaded everything my purse was leaking. LEAKING! I must have missed that page in the Big Book of Rules to Live By. I ruined the check book and the purse but managed to save the pictures that were ready to be mailed to my parents. The purse stunk so bad it smelled like something died in it. I don't know why I thought airing it out would save it. So, now I know from experience Never, NEVER put bottles, sippy cups or the like in your purse.


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