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May 28, 2004

Mechanics in the Making.
A few weeks ago my car decided to give out on me. Apparently the fuel pump went out. We've been managing on one car ever since. When ever I need to run errands we take Cameron up to work and then go and pick him up. I'm very thankful our trusty Jeep Cherokee (15 yrs old) has always been there for us. We bought it about a week before we got married five years ago and have depended on it every since. At any rate it makes for a long and tedious day since Cameron's work is almost 30 minutes away. The boys always fall asleep in the car when we go to pick him up at five and then they can't go to sleep until 10pm. So I've been avoiding taking him to work as much as possible. Which means we are stranded at home. And the boys like it about as much as I do. In fact they've taken it upon themselves to fix our car. I can always find them crawling under the Rover with their toy tools poking and prying and making up toddler mechanic lingo. Edison has grease spots stained on his scalp, every real mechanic needs grease spots. This morning Everest had Edison tugging at the front of the car upon his command while he pushed with all his might on the back. I can see this is important to them, to get it up and running again. I must admit I didn't realize how much I missed my car until I sat inside it while the boys tried to hot wire it. We need our freedom back! Freedom to roam and explore the world. Freedom to go park hopping and to pet stores. We need our wheels back!


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