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June 05, 2004

Space Cadets
Yet another shopping adventure... never a dull moment! We were in Target looking at laundry baskets and apparently I was taking too long. Everest and Edison decided to check out the merchandise. They found waste baskets, the ones with the round tops that have the slide back lids to throw your garbage through. "Look mom! Helmets!" They had placed the lids, er I mean 'helmets' on their heads and were pretending to shoot monsters. Quickly they became space men with cool state of the art space helmets. Little did I notice the crowd they were attracting. When we had started we were the only ones on the long lonesome isle of plastic bins. Since becoming a strange far away place of space creatures and capsles quite a few people had stopped to witness this rare phenomenon that was taking place right in the middle of Target. One little old woman was chuckling away so hard that I thought we might need medical help. Maybe it brought back memories of her own little space cadets. They were putting on quite a little performance and everyone seemed entertained. OK OK not all of them were admiring the creativity and imaginations of my little boys. I'm sure one or two were really truly wanting to get through to get their own space helmets.
As for my laundry basket, I forgot to pick one out. And still to this day need a new one.


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