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June 16, 2004

Yesterday a rather humorous memory came to mind. One that will prove to bring a hardy laugh for years to come. We were at a local department store looking for shoes for our three year old. He really really wanted the soccer cleats and why not. I mean who wouldn't after watching their superstar daddy play soccer every Saturday. I can often find the boys trying on his soccer shoes, socks and shin gaurds. However, cleats were just not on the practical side for this shopping trip. We were stressed and tired and wanted to go home. So in order to distract him from the super cool cleats my husband grabbed a whoopi cushion that was conviently misplaced. This seemed to do the trick and Everest and Edison had their very first whoopi cushion experience. By the time we arrived at the cash register we had aquired another one and now both of them were having the time of their life. In fact they had invented the whoopi game. Object being to see how many different ways of using the whoopi cushion were possible. While one placed the cushion on the floor and banged his head against it, the other tried resting it on one of the display cases while using his shoulder to 'whoopi' away. Then there was the foot stompin' hoe down and let's butt heads with the whoopi cushion in between session. And so it went using every part of their body and every available surface to see how many different ways they could make the famous fffllllltttttthhhhhhhhhpppppppppp...... I've never seen or heard so many variations of the whoopi cushion. It took talent I say. We were watching art in it's rarest form, almost music to my ears.

Amongst their nonstop laughing Cameron and I were caught up in the moment and we had tears running down our cheeks along with our own boisterous laughter. Not to mention I've never witnessed a crowd of complete strangers engage in so much unified amusement. Everyone at the check out registers including the cashiers and even passer byers were stopped dead in their tracks laughing and smiling. Seriously time had stopped and no one was moving. Every one had forgotten the task at hand. It literally brought out the inner child in everyone. Eventually every one sighed a big sigh and smiled as we parted ways almost saddened that the fun had to end. I think it's safe to say we were all 'edified' that night, we went home in better spirits, no one had that 'mindless end of the day I have to be at the store for what? stare' any more. We had been reminded of things forgotten, simple but valuable things. It's often the child who is the teacher rather than the parent or adult. Needless to say it was theraputic and just plain good to slow down and enjoy the moment with each other (and a few others).
Oh, and yes we did purchase the whoopi cushions.


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