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September 05, 2007


WARNING! Not for the faint of heart or weak stomach.
Having four boys, I have had my share of diapers, of every kind imaginable and even some unthinkable. There’s been everything from the Savings Plan(deposited pennies), Lumber Jack, Soup Poop, Not Your Every Day Garden Variety(loaded with popcorn seeds), Grab the Gas Mask, Blue Pooh(swallowed some food coloring) and almost every other color visible to the seeing eye for that matter including fluorescent, The Health Nut (chucked full of nuts and raisins), the ah so famous Mystery diaper, the You Do It I’m Not Going Near it Diaper, which is just shy of the Run for Your Life kind, just to name a few.

But the most recent and I must say most unexpected of them all is what I like to call Gum Bum. Spearmint in fact. If diaper changing could ever be considered pleasurable this would’ve been the one. Hudson found a pack of chewing gum and ingested half the pack. Luckily I intercepted before he could finish off the other half. I had wondered what that was going to do to his system. Later that afternoon I found out, as he ran past he left a waft of mint in his wake. Naw, it couldn’t be so. Sure enough as I followed the minty fresh smell it led straight to the little package on his backside. It was a refreshing surprise, in an odd sort of way. I almost hesitated to change the little air freshener, almost.

And to think my diaper changing adventures are coming to a close. My little Hudson is already training himself. What will I ever do when I don’t have diapers to change? Maybe my sense of smell will return.


Blogger The Moll Family! said...

ahhh, yes, i had a VERY visual image of your diaper changing experiences! you could write a book from all the varieties; thank you for the enjoyment of someone else's diapers and not my own changing experiences :)

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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