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August 28, 2007

A Day in the Life

My Mistake.
Ok, so I’ll admit, as parents we sometimes say or do dumb things. Our two year old cannot drink some juices yet. They just run straight threw him. He saw the OJ in the fridge and was pleading for some. He wouldn’t be distracted or even convinced to opt out for something else. I consented and without thinking I said something about the juice giving him the runs. As soon as I had said it I wished I hadn’t and hoped it slipped by. Not so. From then on, whenever he wants OJ, he asks for Poopie Juice. Not good when you’re at IHOP and the waitress asks what everyone wants to drink. Needless to say we aren’t buying OJ for a while, until this too passes.

When the Stakes are High, let it Rumble.
It was late afternoon and well tension was beginning to run high. It was in between snack and dinner, it was in the triple digits outside and not much cooler inside, mom’s attention was now on dinner and well they had had enough of each others’. Just as I was gearing up to help them cool off one of them let out a nice big belch. The squabbling stopped, it was quiet for the slightest of moments and then they started giggling and laughing, rolling on the floor and off they went brotherhood restored. Nothing like a big burp to bring brothers together and restore the peace.

Isaac, whispering with shoulders hunkered over secretively- when it’s dark at night and we’re asleep everything comes alive. Later during a family outing we had just parked in a parking garage and were piling out of the car. Isaac leans in to me and informs me that when we leave the car will come alive.

Our Little Ham
Having recently just returned from a trip to Seattle. A highlight for the boys this summer. Hudson was relishing some attention by being silly. Dad asks, “where’d you come from?”. “Seattle!”, Hudson responds.

Safety First
We were over at a neighbor’s for a yard party. They had a trampoline and the boys made a beeline for it. Bouncing and flipping to higher heights with out a care in the world. A little later a few other kids made their way over too. I whispered to Everest to be more careful there were more kids now. He quickly responds over his shoulder as he boings in the air, “I always never do that” A father next to me, chuckles and comments, “very well stated”. Indeed, nicely put.

Sweets for the Sweet
I was nibbling on a cookie and offered Hudson one, ‘no, mom, no mom…’ while backing up and shaking his head. Upon making eye contact he changes his tune, ‘yum mom, yum cookie, mom.’ My only question is, what in the world did he think I was eating in the first place?

But of Course
Edison trying to convince me of something sincerely states, “ Really, I’m true”.

Mutts in the Pantry
Hudson skips into the kitchen and asks for a snack. “Nack, mom, nack”. He points to the jar of nuts on the shelf and I comply giving him a small bowl with nuts in it. Shortly he hands me the bowl and spits the nuts out in my hand, “yucky mutts, mom, yucky mutts”. They must have been old mutts.

Attention Grabber
I love casually listening to the conversations of my boys. Some make me smile, some make me chuckle and some make me jump to my feet. Such as when Isaac quizzically asked, “Edison come here, this is really mysterious”.

Forecast for the Day
Hudson is our thermometer. In fact he’s always keeping us informed. Recently with all the heat, his most common phrase pared with bright red cheeks and a swipe of his brow, “hot day, mom, hot day”.


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