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October 07, 2004

Cub Soccer?

Well not much progress has been made in regards to cub soccer, though, Everest has become a rather fine negotiator in the process. He still will not go on the field alone nor without a whole lot of coaxing and convincing. One night Cameron was unable to attend the game due to some last minute crunches at work. I loaded the boys up and took them to the game. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I was already sick and the cold wind was not making matters any easier. Every one was bundled up in jackets and blankets and the boys were more interested in finding sticks. My mother-in-law came down to watch her grandson play and to help out. Or maybe it was more of to get some good laughs in for the day? At any rate, I was finally able to get Everest onto the field with me coughing and hacking as we raced up and down the field. ( As I raced pulling him along side me.) I was trying so hard to get him involved that I almost kicked the ball. That’s when I decided this was useless and if he was more interested in sticks then let’s go find some. Team pictures were that day too. Yah, right! If I can’t get him on the field, do you think he’s going to sit for pictures? And I really don’t think the parents want me in their kids’ team picture. So, I declined and we went hunting for sticks.

A week or so earlier we had attempted another game. This time it was all about Edison. He was out there dressed in full uniform kicking and running with his fancy foot work on the side lines when all of a sudden his concentration broke, by none other than the coaches little girl who plays on Everest’s team. She was sitting on the side with her ball and Edison’s eyes were fixed on her. He then began to slowly meander his way closer and closer never losing sight of her. Then he grabbed some of the treats (it was our turn to bring team treats) and then sat down beside her a foot or so away and began to inch his way closer and closer, until he was right up beside her rubbing elbows. I believe the plan was to share his treats but, she was called into the game. A little disappointed he got up and started working his ball again. Although this time he kept an eye on her. I asked him, “she’s cute isn’t she?” and he replied with a big grin and a very affirmative nod. He’s not even three yet! And that little look of star struck, head over heels kind of thing was so evident. Oh, do I have my hands full with my big blue eyed, long eyelashed, poutty lipped heart throbs, and they’re not even teenagers yet. All three of them are so lady’s men already.

Well, that ended quickly when a wasp flew up out of the grass and stung Edison in the eye. It was all over. I couldn’t figure out where it stung him until a saw a little drop of blood surface just below his eye. We were able to calm him down and get a cool rag on it and then the swelling began. Cameron was on the field with Everest and I was back in the distance doctoring Edison and suddenly the game was over and everyone had gone home. We took ‘em out for ice cream afterwards with grandma and grandpa, part of Everest’s negotiating.

That was another adventure in itself. They took pictures for proof. By the time we were done, Isaac looked like he had just steam rolled the table he was covered with ketchup, mustard, chocolate ice cream... Drinks were spilling, shirts were dragging through French fries and ketchup, Isaac was using french fries to eat his ice cream, the boys were stripping themselves of shin guards and soccer gear, Isaac was painting himself and styling his hair with condements…it looked like a battle zone. We faired rather well without too many casualties. We were pretty successful in not coming into direct contact with the weaponry. Only a few fingerprints here and there. But, we were glad to be done. Needless to say it wasn’t one of the calmer more mild mannered meals we’ve experienced. Maybe the excitement of the day was just too much to handle. So we cleaned up our mess, cleaning them out of napkins and loaded ourselves up and went home. It was exhausting and we were all ready for naps.

Edison’s eye had gone back to normal by the next day with medicine and careful attention and Everest still wants to go to his games. He loves the idea of going and being on a team. He just wants to sit and watch though. You know that doesn’t sound so bad to me.


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