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December 19, 2007

You Better Watch Out...

You better watch out...what you say at least.
On the way to pick Everest up from school the boys were a little rowdy. Trying to calm them down a bit I started talking about the Christmas party we were going to.
It went like this…
Me: Do you know where we’re going tonight?
Still ruckus in the back of the SUV, again I ask: Do you know where we’re going tonight?
A little louder: Where are we going tonight?
Me: And who’s going to be there? Do you know who we’re going to see? Who are we going to see?
No answer lots of arms and legs flailing and noise, I enthusiastically say: The Easter Bunny, We’re going to see the Easter Bunny.
No comment just commotion: The Easter Bunny comes when we’re sleeping and leaves presents and candy canes and rides in a sleigh.
Finally a response: NNNNoooooooooo that’s Santa
They insist: That’s Santa
Me: No Santa hops around with a basket and eggs.
We pull up to the school and are distracted with other things.
The bell rings and out pour all the kids.
Everest climbs in and we head home.
He asks me: Mom, is Santa real?
I couldn’t help the smile from spontaneously spreading across my face, I’m not sure why it did.
He bursts: He’s not, I knew it, you smiled and that means it’s not true, he’s not real!
Me: Noooooooooo, I’m just smiling cause you’re cute.
Back paddling and trying to cover as he persists.
Me: Parents and Santa sort of work together.
Everest disbelieving yet hopeful: You mean you get to see Santa? You seeeee Santa?
Me: Well no, we don’t see Santa, we just help out a little.
Everest challenging: So you just SEE presents floating around the room?
Me: No….(thinking)
Everest impatient and determined to find out for himself sits back in the seat and declares: I’m staying up this year.
When we arrive back home everyone piles out of the car while I unbuckle Hudson.
He exclaims confused and not wanting to get out of his carseat: Christmas party, Go Christmas party mom.
Me: Yes we are going to the Christmas party tonight and we're going to see Santa!
Hudson: and bunnies!
Me: What?
Hudson: and bunnies mom, see bunnies.

(Oh, yah I did say the Easter Bunny would be there didn’t I)


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